Professional Experience

My journey in the field of mass media began in the fall of 2006. That year, I had the opportunity to work with the news room staff of KUVS 19 (Univision 19, Sacramento), through the internship program, CAMP Scholars created by College Assistant Migrant Program (CAMP).

In 2011, I joined Estilo Chido Radio to be part of a new project with Estilo Fino Radio. As a radio host for the online radio station I had a show focused on Spanish  pop culture.

By 2012, I wanted to get more experience in broadcast journalism, I joined Projects Abroad to volunteer with Anexión TV in Liberia, Costa Rica. With the help of the staff I was able to publish my first broadcast stories as a reporter. When I returned to the U.S. in the fall of 2012 I interned for Univision-19 for another semester.

I continued to develop my skills through working as a Social Media Correspondent and intern for the show, Sacrameneto Sunset. I also interned with KYMX-FM, Mix 96, CBS Radio where I helped by blogging about latest celebrity gossip. After school I moved to Costa Rica where I worked as a freelance journalist and contributor writer for The Costa Rican Times.

In 2014 I joined LBI Media as a Social Media Specialist in Los Angeles for two years.

The last 8 months I’ve been developing my writing skills contributing to both, English and Spanish magazines, blogging for some online publications and consulting about social media marketing.


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